Covid 19 has had everyone I know worried about their future dental appointments. I was happy to tell them that my dentist has been following pandemic guidlines that have been recommended by this new virus long before the Covid issue required these protections to be done for dentistry. Dr. Lecci uses all the recommended safety procedures so I feel comfortable knowing that she is looking out for me and my family. My previous dentist did not provide the safety of individual rooms to protect against aerosol contamination like Dr. Lecci does here. Her office is all digital to eliminate any paperwork in the treatment areas. Digital xrays are fast and no-touch procedures. I couldn't be more pleased with her care and the safety of the surroundings. I'm telling all my friends to change dentists for their own safety.


As a dentist's daughter, I grew up having personal dental care. With Dad retired, I chose Dr. Nicole Lecci on recommendations from numerous other moms at PTA. That hard-to-find, special "feels like family" care continues at 90 & Dodge Family Dentisitry. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly! The warm, inviting lobby fireplace makes a lasting first impression. Oral health is important to me. I look forward to my visits to Dr. Lecci's state-of-the-art office at 8910 Indian Hills Drive #200. Their ceiling blue sky and white fluffy cloud mural is relaxing to look at when the dental chair is reclined for my check-up. The dentists respect my time as being as valuable as theirs; I have never had to wait in the lobby past the time of my appointment! Insurance forms and I do not get along! No worry: Receptionist Becky takes care of everything for me.

We are all busy these days. I find it amazing that scheduling my dental appointment is taken care of for me. Becky calls me twice a year and sets it up at my convenience! Then I get a text reminder from her (not an impersonal postcard) the day before my appointment. The whole dental practice is one smooth operation. It is VERY clean. If Dr. NIcole's senior class did not vote her "Most Likely To Succeed," I bet they're kicking themselves now!!

Jane B.

I have been telling everyone I know something I never thought I'd say, that I actually enjoy going to the dentist. From the moment I walked in for the first visit and all my visits since, doctor Nicole Lecci and the entire staff have shown nothing less than great energy, professionalism, and skill in every way. I had been troubled by numerous dental issues in the past, but they did such a thorough exam and explained everything so completely that I was instantly comforted and confident. They were able to create a smile more beautiful than I had ever had and with no discomfort. My friends tell me I smile more than ever before and my husband loves my new youthful look.


I am a long-time patient of Dr. Nicole Lecci. One of the observations I have made that says so much about the quality of care and the character of my favorite doctor is that her staff has also had so many years of experience. All of them over 15 years and their assisting, her ad-min staff for over 30 years. This speaks well for how she respects, rewards, and treats others and by extension how she treat her patients. The whole office staff is very professional and are so good in handling any considerations that arise. There is such a coordinated and relaxed "flow" between them that it seems so effortless.


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